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Thanks to continuing speleological research the map of the ChýnovCave gains new areas almost every year. Given the uniqueness of the location, the surveys never use blasting work and all the corridors use natural routes.
The view of the ChýnovCave system was changed substantially by exploration of the permanently flooded areas, which began in 1982. Divers of the Czech Speleological Society managed to discover vast areas reaching 45 m below the level of the subterranean stream. 
In following years water was drawn out of other flooded corridors, which enabled the exploration of places where intensive karst processes are still going on. Such activities emphasize creating photo documentation and mapping the underground areas.
This basic exploration is followed by further applied topics in the fields of hydrogeology, mineralogy and karst morphology.
The dependence of the flow rate of the subterranean stream on rainfall has been monitored ever since 2000. Many minerals have been analyzed since 1996 in co-operation with the mineralogical department of the NationalMuseum. 17 species had never been described in this locality before. The composition of the cave air and its changes in the course of the year are also observed systematically.

In 1981, the Zoological Department of the NationalMuseum commenced studying the bat society in a comprehensive manner. The long-term monitoring of hibernating individuals has been going on uninterrupted to the present.

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