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  • is the governmental partially self-financing organization of the Ministry of Environment;
  • Its mission is to protect and care for show caves and other underground spaces according to the nature and landscape protection regulations and State Mining Authority regulations;
  • It is a member of the International Show Caves Association.


The Cave Administration cares for the Show caves in the Czech Republic; it arranges steps according to the nature protection demands and ensures the technical protection after the state Mining Authority rules. It also cares for exploration, monitoring, documentation and guide services for the public.

The Cave Administration also participates in given activities in other caves and underground spaces and geological localities of the Czech Republic. It provides the statewide evidence and documentation of caves and other speleological objects.

Currently the Cave Administration cares for 14 Show caves and one mining locality containing cave spaces. It guarantees their protection according to the maintenance plan. In terms of the revitalization program the Cave Administration eliminates negative impacts of previous activities and exploitation of caves as well as renovates their real estate and technical furnishing. External tourist premises are being restored and educational exhibitions are being prepared at them, informative and scientific publications are published.

 In general there are 4000 caves registred in the Czech Republic; starting with small caverns to large systems of many kilometers.

 All caves are protected by the law No.114/1992 on the nature and landscape protection. Show caves are the representative sample of most remarkable caves of Bohemia and Moravia, and they are utilized for educational and entertainment purposes. 700 000 tourists from all over the world visits them annually.

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