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The Javoříčko Caves
Spustit virtuln prohldku


is situated in the northern part of the Drahanská Highlands. Surface and underground karst phenomena with complex hydrographic conditions are developed here in discontinuous bands of Devonian limestones.


  • are situated under the Špraněk Hill near the villages of Javoříčko and Březina in picturesque landscape dominated by BouzovCastle;
  • it is a complicated complex of huge chambers, corridors, abysses and joints created at several height levels;
  • the part called Svěcená díra (Holy Hole) and the Zátvořice Abyss have been known for many years. The first written record of this underground area is from an anonymous author and dates from 1873. The majority of the cave system was discovered much later, in 1938, by a team led by the game warden Vilém Švec. Other parts were gradually discovered up to the present time by various amateur and professional speleologists. The areas of the JavoříčkoCaves have been open to the public since 1938;
  • the total length of all the corridors known today is over 4 kilometres with denivelation of over 60 m. The cave route is 450/800 metres long;
  • The Javoříčko Caves are unique with their gorgeous, well-preserved and various stalactite decoration. They are some of the most beautiful caves in the CzechRepublic;
  • tour duration: 40/60 minutes;
  • air temperature: 7–8°C, relative humidity: ca. 99%.
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