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The Javoříčko Caves
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The underground system of the Javoříčko Caves is the most extensive one out of dozens of caves in the Javoříčko Karst and in terms of the length of its corridors it is one of the longest caves in the Czech Republic. Waters of the Špraněk and Javořička brooks participated in the development of a complicated complex of huge chambers, corridors and abysses. There are several floors in the cave. The oldest one, the upper level, is the biggest. The middle floor is situated about 40 metres lower and communicates with the upper floor through systems of shaft-like and winding corridors. The most extensive part of the middle floor is the system of the so-called Objevná cesta (Trail of Discovery) and the Hlinité Caves. Narrow joints and shafts continue from the middle floor further into the depth to a hypothetical water-bearing level that has not yet been discovered. The underground labyrinth of the JavoříčkoCaves communicates with the surface through several entrances. The biggest ones are the so-called Svěcená díra (Holy Hole) and the Zátvořice circular abyss. The caves were created in several development phases, when the underground confluence of two streams occurred and their water was drained to the lower levels of the cave. The most substantial part of the Javoříčko Caves was probably created during Tertiary times, when collapses of ceilings and walls due to earthquakes caused the formation of big dome-like spaces.
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