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The Javoříčko Caves
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The tour routes do not lead through many parts of the Javoříčko Caves system. Frequently, they are a confusing tangle of so far unmapped corridors, chambers and joints which are difficult to access. The complex set of abysses – Lví jáma, Vlčí jáma and Medvědí jáma – which were mapped in detail by a professional speleological group of the Homeland Studies Museum Olomouc in the fifties, form an exception. The most significant discoveries of amateur cave explorers include penetrating the area behind Závrtový dóm (Doline Dome) in the Jeskyně míru Caves. In 1983–1984 two huge chambers were discovered. The latter of them – the Olomouc Dome – is more than 100 metres long and is the largest ever discovered in the Javoříčko Caves. It ends up in a massive impenetrable cave-in. The process of documentation and exploration works in the whole system of the Javoříčko Caves indicates the possibility of some other so far undiscovered areas. It is likely that new areas await discovery not only on the upper but also on the lower floors of the caves where levels with an underground stream can be expected.

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