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The Javoříčko Caves
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Long tour

  • 60 min / Tour duration
  • 790 m  / Tour length
  • 7-8°C  / Air temperature
  • 99%    / Air humidity

Short tour

  • 40 min / Tour duration
  • 360 m  / Tour lenght



The visitors come through the artificial entrance into Suťový dóm (Detritus Cave). The big space with an area of 2,000 m2 is connected with the Zátvořice abyss and it has a gorgeous and rich stalactite decoration. The ceiling part, in particular, is impressive with a forest of stalactites of various forms and shapes. The bottom is covered with boulder debris, where you can see snowy-white crust cupolas. The Lví jáma abyss with a total depth of 60 metres leads from Suťový dóm. The cave tour continues through a beautifully decorated high corridor to the impressive Dóm gigantů (Cave of Giants). The elongated space is dominated by up to 6-metre-high stalagmites and a wall decorated with sinter coatings, which is known as Niagarský vodopád (Niagara Falls). There is a beautiful view of Dóm gigantů from a gangway that leads visitors to Pohádkové jeskyně (Fairytale Caves). There is rich stalactite and stalagmite decoration even in the smaller corridors. In Pohádkové jeskyně you can see e.g. thin straw stalactites, spherical stalactites and a unique transparent formation called Záclona (Curtain). The corridor of Pohádkové jeskyně leads to Svěcená díra where the short cave tour ends. The long cave tour continues through Panenské jeskyně (Virgin Caves) into three successive corridors of Jeskyně míru (Peace Caves): the corridors of Špraněk, Vojtěchov and Březina. There is already a different nature to these spaces. The corridors are 1–4 metres wide and sometimes up to 10 metres high with rich stalactite decoration. Helictites, i.e. eccentric stalactites that can be found predominantly in ceiling parts, are typical formations of the Jeskyně míru Caves. The corridor bends in Závrtový dóm (Doline Dome), where the spaces branch in different directions. According to one theory, the confluence of the Špraněk and Javořička brooks occurred here a long time ago. The form of some spaces indicates, however, rather the presence of a watershed. Both hydrographic versions were probably possible during various development phases of creation of the caves. Visitors pass by the U koně (The Horse) formation, by the turning to the Černá chasm and they continue to an artificial output tunnel.
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