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The Kateřina’s Cave
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is the largest and most important karst region in the Czech Republic. It is situated north of Brno as a part of the Drahanská Highlands with an area of 94 km2 of Devonian limestones (width 3–5 km, length 25 km). Due to its hydrographic conditions, it is divided into the northern segment – the Punkva River System, the middle segment – the Křtinský and Jedovnický Brook System, and the southern segment – the Říčka River System.


  • The cave is situated in the northern part of the Moravian Karst (Moravský kras), the Suchý žleb Valley, in the Vývěry Punkvy (Seepages of the Punkva River) National Nature Reservation of the Moravian Karst nature reserve.
  • It is an exsurgence cave in the hydrographic system of the underground Punkva River. The areas known so far consist of two mighty domes with several side passages, chambers and chimneys.
  • The total length of all the spaces known today is up to 950 metres with denivelation of over 60 m. The cave tour is 430 m long.
  • Hlavní dóm - Main Dome with the dimensions of 97 x 30 – 44 x 20 m is the biggest natural underground space open to the public in the Czech Republic. There is a unique formation in the cave – Bambusový lesík - Bamboo Forest. It is a group of narrow up to 4 metres high stick stalagmites. The symbol of the cave is a stony formation called Čarodějnice - Witch, lit by spot-lights of different colours.
  • The entrance corridor and Hlavní dóm - Main Dome have been known since time immemorial. In 1909, Professor Absolon's team discovered the continuation – the New Kateřina´s Cave. One year later, the whole cave was opened to the public.
  • Tour duration: 30 minutes.
  • Air temperature: 7–8°C, relative humidity: ca. 99%.
  • The cave is a significant paleontological and archaeological site.
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